Isabelle Candelier



Isabelle Candelier was an actress who had a successful Hollywood career. Candelier kickstarted her acting career in various films such as "Chimeres" (1989) with Béatrice Dalle, "Versailles Rive-Gauche" (1992) and the Jean Reno comedy "Les Truffes" (1995). She also appeared in "News From the Good Lord" (1996) and "Droit dans le mur" (1997). Her passion for acting continued to her roles in projects like the drama "Un Pur moment de rock 'n' roll" (1999) with Vincent Elbaz, "Andre le Magnifique" (2000) and "Lise et Andre" (2000). She also appeared in the comedy "Being Light" (2001) with Romain Duris and "J'ai faim !!!" (2001) with Catherine Jacob. In her more recent career, she tackled roles in the Sandrine Bonnaire comedic drama "Mademoiselle" (2001), the comedy "Mercredi, folle journee!" (2001) with Vincent Lindon and the Russell Crowe dramatic adaptation "A Good Year" (2006). She also appeared in "Granny's Funeral" (2012) with Denis Podalydès and the dramatic adaptation "Gemma Bovery" (2015) with Fabrice Luchini. Candelier most recently acted in the comedy "Toute première fois" (2015) with Pio Marmaï.


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