Mel Raido



Mel Raido was a Jamaican-born English actor who in 2016 starred in the horror film "The Disappointments Room." Although born in Jamaica, where he lived until the age of 3, Raido was of mixed Spanish and Greek heritage. He moved with his family to London at 3, and it was in England that he would stay for the remainder of his adult life. While living in London, Raido became interested in acting, and hence, by the time college rolled around he attended Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art. Raido began his acting training at the school in1996 and graduated three years later in 1999. It was during his time at Webber that he became actively involved in an avant-garde theater company called Mabou Mines. Raido spent a few years honing his acting chops with the company, before branching out into screen acting work in the 2000s. He nabbed his first movie role in 2000's "Born Romantic," and from there continued landing supporting roles in films and on TV shows. By 2008, Raido had achieved leading man status when he was cast as the star of the crime drama "Clubbed." From there his career only continued to rise, with starring roles in films like "In Our Name" (2010), "Gemma Bovery" (2014), and "Legend" (2015). In 2015 he nabbed a recurring part on the U.K. mini-series "The Trials of Jimmy Rose" (ITV, 2015), which only furthered his acting career. Then in 2016 Raido starred in two widely-anticipated films, "Broken" and "The Disappointments Room," thus further cementing his status as an important young actor on the rise.


November 30, 1976 in Jamaica