Murray Bartlett


Throughout Murray Bartlett's decades-long career, he had a few constants. He was a great soap opera actor and he was openly gay, and he managed to turn those two aspects into countless performances, whether appearing on "Guiding Light" (CBS 1952-2009) and "All My Children" (ABC 1970-2011) or playing more flamboyant characters on "Sex and the City" (HBO 1998-2004) and "Looking" (HBO 2014-15). Bartlett's career began in Australia, where he was born and raised. While studying acting at the National Institute of Dramatic Art in his late teens, he began his career making appearances on a variety of Australian TV shows and soap operas, most notably in multi-episode runs in "Home and Away" (1988- ) and "Neighbours" (1985- ). He relocated to the United States in 2000, where he landed a notable guest spot on "Sex and the City" that was one of the first instances where the openly gay Bartlett played a gay character, as Carrie Bradshaw's shoe-selling friend who took her out for a night on the town. From there, Bartlett was a steady worker in the realm of soap operas, with stints on "All My Children" in 2002 and "Guiding Light" from 2007 to 2009. He even was featured in the cult classic sci-fi show "Farscape" (Syfy 1999-2003) in a few episodes as the main character's best friend. After soap operas started to dry up, he started appearing in more films, such as a starring role in "August" (2011) and an appearance in the Kristen Wiig comedy-drama "Girl Most Likely" (2012). Bartlett landed his biggest role to date starring in "Looking" as Dom, one of three gay friends living in San Francisco.


March 20, 1971 in Sydney, South Australia, Australia